HelloEdit / also known as Corentin Poupry


🔍 A web crawler built to retrieve Wikidot's pages metadata.
Built for the SCP Foundation.



🤖 A modular and minimal Discord bot framework for Node.js, based on discord.js.

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Covid19 Map

🗺️ Map of COVID-19 epidemiological activity in France in view of the end of the first lockdown.

World of Zuul


🎮 The text adventure game based on the Objects First With Java book project.

The Who

I am a French student in an engineering school currently in integrated cycle. I study what I like, maths, physics but also and especially computer science & electronics.
I like to touch everything from programming languages to scientific fields when I have free time. At the end of my 5 years of training, I'd like to do research in fundamental computer science because it's so damn cool.